EMOS GoSmart

Home security

Ensure yourself and your home safety

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Measurement and control

Increase the comfort of your housing and living

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Wiring and controls

Control your appliances easily and conveniently.

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Video door phones

Gain the ultimate control over the access to your home.

Whether you are at home or on the road, communicate via smart video phones with invited and uninvited visitors outside your door safely and without the need to open the door.

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Indoor IP cameras

Sleep easy without worrying about what you love.

Smart indoor cameras keep an eye on your small child and restless pet, also the interior of your apartment or house when you go on holiday. They will simply ensure the safety of your family and your home.

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Outdoor IP cameras

Secure your home from unwelcome visitors.

When leaving your home for holiday or for work, you can rest assured that your home will stay safe. Smart cameras keep an eye on it for you. Any suspicious activity in the vicinity is immediately alerted via the EMOS GoSmart app.

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Reduce your home heating costs.

Set the optimum temperature for different rooms and times of the day, control all remotely with your mobile device, and keep your home at the more comfortable temperature than ever. Reduce the costs with EMOS GoSmart smart thermostats and thermostatic heads.

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Extension cords

Become the master of all electrical appliances.

Get an overview of your electricity consumption with smart extension leads, switch off/on remotely with your mobile device and turn ordinary appliances into smart appliances. Save money and time.

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Why to choose EMOS GoSmart products?

You get a wide range of smart products for your home with an optimal price/quality ratio and excellent technical support.

There are dozens of EMOS GoSmart smart home products developed by a team of specialists together with the world’s leading manufacturers in the field.


Every EMOS GoSmart product is a subject to strict quality control directly at the manufacturer and in our laboratory. We set their prices to be affordable for all buyers.


The EMOS GoSmart app makes it easy for you to control all your smart home devices via your mobile phone or tablet.


It doesn’t end with the purchase of EMOS GoSmart products for us. We provide the quality technical support and help with implementation.


Expand your smart home with more EMOS GoSmart products or thousands of other TUYA compatible products from renowned global manufacturers.

EMOS GoSmart app

Install the brain of your smart home on your mobile device.

Control your smart home
Control all your devices
Don’t miss important visits
Create smart scenarios
Access from anywhere
Share it with your family

Control all your products with a single app

Full localisation and ease of use

The EMOS GoSmart app makes it easy to control all your smart home devices via your mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to its perfect localisation, you can set it up to your native language.

Without complicated settings, the EMOS GoSmart app gives you an up-to-date overview of any activity in your home and allows you to conveniently control all your smart devices remotely.

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Full localisation

Owing to full localisation, you will interact with the app in your native language.

Easy to use

You don’t have to worry about complicated app controls. Anyone can use it.

Smart scenarios

Have your products work together thanks to the smart scenarios.

Device management

All your smart home devices can be controlled from anywhere using the app.

Smart alerts

The app sends you notifications about any activity in your home.

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