GoSmart LED luminaire ILVI 45W

GoSmart LED luminaire ILVI 45W

You can conveniently control the modern smart luminaire from the smartphone app or with the remote control. You can adjust the light colour and intensity to create the perfect atmosphere every time.

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Key benefits

Product description

Create the perfect atmosphere in your home

Smart lighting is a great addition to any modern home, whether you crave intense white lighting for work or dim warm light for relaxing in front of the TV in the evening. The EMOS GoSmart lamps from the ILVI series will always give you just what you need.

You can conveniently control them using the intuitive mobile app or the remote controller included. Create light scenes with them and use them to adjust lighting in the home, from dimming to adjusting the color temperature of light (CCT).

With their elegant, timeless design, ILVI luminaires fit into any interior and their superior quality allows us to warrant them for 3 years.

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Customise the light to suit your mood

With EMOS GoSmart ILVI luminaires you can use a wide dimming range from 10% to full 100% brightness But that’s not all!

You can pair ILVI luminaires in groups with other smart luminaires and synchronize the lighting atmosphere throughout your home or apartment for the desired effect.

Create your own scenarios

EMOS GoSmart ILVI luminaires allow you to create different lighting scenes depending on the activity you are doing. Want to read? Simply choose subtle warm white lighting to provide the ideal conditions for immersing yourself in the world of books. Working? The fixture produces a brighter light of neutral white to help you stay focused and complete tasks with ease.

Conveniently adjust the Central White Temperature (CCT) from 2,700K to 6,500K to create exactly the atmosphere you need. EMOS GoSmart ILVI Series luminaires can adapt to your needs.

Functions for health and well-being

Do you need to time when the light should be on or off? Do you keep an eye on your circadian cycle and your healthy sleep patterns? The ILVI range of luminaires is ready to help you do just that.

Set the timer and decide how long the luminaire should be on. Then use the schedule function to automatically turn it off or on exactly as you prefer.

Four preset modes – 1) morning, 2) afternoon, 3) afternoon and 4) evening, adjust the intensity and color of light emitted by the fixture and help match your circadian rhythm to promote consistent and restorative sleep.

When you turn off the luminaire, it remembers the last color of light you used thanks to its built-in memory. Even in the event of a power failure, it automatically reverts to factory settings so you don’t have to deal with configuring it again.

Simple and elegant design

EMOS GoSmart luminaires of the ILVI series are perfect for illuminating modern interiors, office spaces or homes. Their minimalist and elegant design will bring freshness and elegance to any interior.

The design of the luminaire creates a stunning halo effect, reminiscent of the sun’s rays penetrating into the room and forming a gentle crown of light around the luminaire.

Get not only quality lighting, but also a sense of peace and harmony that is typical of their Nordic design.

Simple installation

The installation of EMOS GoSmart ILVI smart luminaires is very easy. Once mounted on the wall or ceiling and connected to a power source, just pair them with the EMOS GoSmart mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, and connect them to your home WIFI network. Thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, you can also use voice control.

In the app, ILVI lights can be easily controlled from literally anywhere. Left home and forgot to turn off the lights? No problem! Simply turn off your home lights remotely in the app. Save your wallet and the environment.

Integration to EMOS GoSmart and TUYA

Create your own smart home with EMOS GoSmart and other TUYA compatible smart devices. Connect individual devices, set up automations for their activities and control them remotely with a fully localised and intuitive mobile app.

Let your home take care of itself and give yourself more time for your loved ones and interests.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Order Code ZM5191
Type of mounting surface
Color temperature 2 700 – 6 500 K
Power 45 W
Remote controller yes
Parameter Value
Dimensions diameter 500 × 70 mm
Luminous flux 2 700 lm
Replacement for bulb 160 W
Compatibility EMOS GoSmart, TUYA, LIDL, Smartlife, open systém
Protocol WI-Fi

EMOS GoSmart app

Install the brain of your smart home on your mobile device.

Control your smart home
Control all your devices
Don’t miss important visits
Create smart scenarios
Access from anywhere
Share it with your family

Control all your products with a single app

Full localisation and ease of use

The EMOS GoSmart app makes it easy to control all your smart home devices via your mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to its perfect localisation, you can set it up to your native language.

Without complicated settings, the EMOS GoSmart app gives you an up-to-date overview of any activity in your home and allows you to conveniently control all your smart devices remotely.

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